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We specialize in cold hardy, (remontant) re-blooming pink or blue mophead hydrangea Macrophylla varieties Endless Summer, Penny Mac, David Ramsey, Oak Hill, and Decator Blue hydrangea that continue to bloom through the summer and fall every year. They will produce magnificent pink to grape to blue blooms depending on the Ph of your soil and availability of Al via Aluminum Sulfate.

I first encountered those re-blooming hydrangea In October of 2001 at the Southern Plant Conference in Athens , Georgia at the University of Georgia. I was given cuttings of "Oak Hill" at the test plots. I also purchased a small "David Ramsey" at the plant auction. ($120.00 for 1 small plant) "Decator Blue" came from the botanical garden at Stephen F Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. I bought "Penny Mac" from a grower in Georgia.

For the last 20 years we had sold & planted the old type hydrangea, but they are so bloom inconsistent we minimized our sales and use in landscaping in this area. These new (remontant) re-blooming hydrangea have extended the range from Florida to Zone 4. Click here for cold hardy information. For more amazing prospects for these hydrangea varieties visit the Center for Applied Nursery Research. This group led by Dr. Michael Dirr, with the U of GA. Horticulture Group and other Industries are revolutionizing the use and culture of these plants.


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"ENDLESS SUMMER" Hydrangea Macrophylla

The first Hydrangea macrophylla that blooms on both old and new wood. Flowers virtually all season long and is hardy to zone 4. Endless Summer® will produce magnificent pink to grape to blue blooms depending on the pH of your soil. Alkaline - pH 6-7 will produce pink blooms. Acidic soil - pH 5-5.8 will produce blue ones. For blue add aluminum sulfate to the soil

   Endless Summer Hydrangea - 1 gal. pot. 
$20.00ea. + $10.00 ea. S&H                            

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  Endless Summer Hydrangea - 2 gal. pot. 
$25.00ea. + $10.00 ea. S&H                            

Minimum S&H $15.00

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"PENNY MAC" Hydrangea Macrophylla

Found and named after the "American Hydrangea Society" founder Mrs. Penny MacHenry of Atlanta GA.
Zones 5 - 9.  4' to 5' tall x 4' wide. Blooms in Pink or blue 6" to 7" clusters all summer and fall.

Penny Mac Hydrangea - 8 - 12 inch  Peat-pot 
$3.00ea. + $.50 ea. S&H    

Minimum S&H $15.00                  


    Penny Mac Hydrangea - Qt. pot.   
$8.00ea. + $2.50 ea. S&H                      


Penny Mac Hydrangea - 2 gal.
$20.00ea. + $10.00 ea. S&H                      



"Snow Queen" Hydrangea Macrophylla

Snow Queen Hydrangea - Qt. pot 

Beautiful shrub, grows 5-6' tall. Makes a great hedge plant.  Dark green foliage in spring with
white flowers in summer turning to pink.  Outstanding red foliage in fall. Make an excellent showy
plant in the garden.

$12.00ea. + $2.50 ea. S&H   

Minimum S&H $15.00



"DAVID RAMSEY" Hydrangea Macrophylla

Zones 4 - 9. Repeat pink or blue blooms from Minnesota to Florida from early Summer till Fall with 8-10" pink or blue mophead flowers. It will take full sun to shade in the north and shade to part shade in the south. DNA tests by Dr. Jon Lindstrom, Dept. of Horticulture at the University of Arkansas have shown this plant's DNA identical to that of Endless Summer. Basically this is a non-patented E.S. It comes from Stone Mountain GA and was given to the U of Ga. By David Ramsey in 1997.

  David Ramsey Hydrangea - Qt. pot.  
$8.00ea. + $2.50 ea. S&H                     

Minimum S&H $15.00

   Will be available after June 1st.

Twist and Shout Hydrangea - 2 gal. pot.  
$25.00ea. + $10.00 ea. S&H                     

Minimum S&H $15.00



   LINERS, bare root, sold in multiples of 10.  
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Penny Mac Hydrangea
Minimum order 10 liners  $30.00 ($3.00ea.)  + S&H $.50ea.         Minimum S&H $15.00



David Ramsey Hydrangea  
Minimum order 10 liners  $30.00 ($3.00ea.) + S&H $.50ea.          Minimum S&H $15.00


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